About Us

About Us

SA Sliding Door Sales has long been acknowledged as the market leader in the design and manufacture of sliding door gear systems for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.  All our systems have been manufactured to meet exceptionally high standards and are carefully designed and engineered with particular attention to aesthetic appearance as well as smooth and silent operation.

SA Sliding Door Sales’ Head Office and manufacturing plant is based in the prestigious Longmeadow Business Estate in Modderfontein, Johannesburg.  Branches and agencies are also located in Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and George.

Versatility of Application:
SA Sliding Door Sales’ systems have been developed to enable almost any object to slide.  The most common application is for sliding doors.  However, SAS gear is also developed for windows and more unusual sliding applications such as sliding machinery, sliding truck curtains, sliding scenery and sliding sports equipment, etc.

Replacement Parts for repair and refurbishment are available for SAS gear.  Your local stockist or any of the branches and agencies will happily assist in giving new life to well-used installations.

A Brief History

In 1928, PC Henderson (A British Door Gear Company) began exporting sliding door gear to the South African market.   In the early 1960’s, PC Henderson (SA) was formed to support the rapidly growing market for door gear.  In 1988 when the PC Henderson group of companies was acquired by Hepworth PLC (a UK based building products company), the South African agency was sold to the ‘Then Management’ under Carl Schroder as a going concern.  In 1990 this going concern was on – sold as a subsidiary into a listed company called Lan-Chem.

In 1991 the Sliding Door Gear division of Lan-Chem was sold to Mike Milligan (The current managing Director of SA Sliding Door Sales) and Cheetah Foster as a going concern under the name Henderson Sliding Door Gear.  In 1992, Ken Joffy, a Director at Henderson Sliding Door Gear, visited the UK and met with PC Henderson UK to forge closer ties and to sign a ‘Heads of Agreement’ document.  This was followed with the signing of a formal contract.

In 2001 Henderson Sliding Door Gear established a research and development department to design and manufacture door systems suited to the African market, as well as a drafting service for those of our customers who required it. At the same time visits were made to Europe, Asia and the USA to study market trends in door gear and to establish relationships with the idea of importing products that were not available locally or were too expensive to manufacture locally.

During the following years, Henderson Sliding Door Gear continued to grow from strength to strength.  We introduced numerous new products and a number of new and improved door systems to the South African market and soon became the market leader in door gear in Southern Africa.  In 2006, Henderson Sliding Door Gear built a new head office and manufacturing plant in the prestigious Longmeadow Business Estate in Modderfontein, Johannesburg.

In 2008, the garage door division of PC Henderson UK was sold (and later closed).  This sparked concern for Henderson Sliding Door Gear as to what the implications might be if the sliding door gear division was sold and our use of the name ‘Henderson’.  A Decision was made and Henderson Sliding Door Gear became SA Sliding Door Sales.

In 2012 notice was given that PC Henderson UK had been bought out by Assa Abloy UK and that they planned to expand their limited range of door opening solutions.This included exporting to Assa Abloy SA.  As a result SA Sliding Door Sales could not sell any products using the name ‘Henderson’ or ‘PC Henderson’.  SA Sliding Door Sales undertook that as and when a die or mould was replaced, the name ‘Henderson’ would be removed from the product, and would be replaced with SAS.

The Future

SA Sliding Door Sales continues to grow from strength to strength and wishes to assure all our customers (and future customers) who remember us as ‘Henderson’ that besides the name change, nothing else has changed …….  We still have the same management, personnel and locations. Even a number of our current staff remain from the time of PC Henderson!  

We continue to manufacture the same quality products that we began manufacturing for the African market under the name Henderson more than 20 years ago and are constantly growing our facilities, introducing new products and acquiring new tooling and machinery.

We assure you of the same fine service and after – sales service on which we have built our reputation during the last 20 years AND with the majority of our products being manufactured locally and being ‘Proudly South African’, spare parts and replacements are always readily available.

Yours Faithfully,

      M.K Milligan
 (Managing Director)

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