Afrifold Folding Door System 70kg

Bottom Rolling Folding Door System


  • The Afrifold system is suitable for all domestic timber door and window applications
  • Effortlessly smooth sliding, the Afrifold bottom rolling system is ideal for applications where the lintel is not sufficient to carry the weight of the doors
  • Easily adjustable hinges allow for timber swelling
  • Designed for rebated doors the Afrifold system is weather resistant
  • Stainless steel or nylon wheels on either brass or aluminium rail
  • Afrifold with its warm timber finish complements the modern arena of restaurant, shop and patio doors

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  • Door Specification
  • Gear Specification
For Individual Doors:  
Max door height (mm) 2700
Max door weight 70kg
Max door width (mm) 900
Door thickness (mm) 44
Timber doors can be solid or glazed
A depth of bottom section should be adequate to rebate the roller 
Top Guide Channel: 94X  
Material aluminium extrusion
Standard Lengths (mm) 1800;2100;2400;3000;3600;4000;6000
The Afrifold system is fixed through outer frame into construction
  Sinkless Butt
Guides 1 per 2 doors: 723S 723
Hinges: 722S 722
Adjustable Hinge 724 724
Handle Hinge 725S 725
Bottom Rollers 1 per 2 doors: 721S 721
Bottom Rail: 918B (E-rail) brass  extrusion 
  918X (E-rail) aluminium extrusion
Standard Lengths     
918B (mm): 1800;2100;2400;3000;3600;5000 
918X (mm): 1800;2100;2400;3000;3600;4000;6000
Configurations: Max 5 leaves to each side:
  1;3;5 combinations allowed
Standard Finishes: