Blouberg & Rooiberg Folding Door Systems 70kg

Bottom Rolling Folding Door System


  • Suitable for Centrefolding and Endfolding partitions in commercial buildings where weight has to be taken at floor level
  • Leaves can be stacked to one or both sides of an opening and can be stacked behind a reveal if required
  • Blouberg folding systems are designed for use with aluminium doors
  • Rooiberg folding systems are designed for use with timber doors



  • Door Specification
  • Gear Specification
  Blouberg70 Rooiberg70 Rooiberg140
For Individual Doors:      
Max door height (mm) 3600 3600 5500
Max door weight 70kg 70kg 140kg
Max door width (mm) 900 900 900
Door thickness (mm) 45-47 44 54
Blouberg door leaves should be constructed from aluminium section rails and stiles with a glazed infil.
Rooiberg door leaves must provide secure fixing for hangers hinges and guides. Min 200mm
bottom rails and 125mm stiles are recommended.
  Blouberg70 Rooiberg70 Rooiberg140
Top Guide Channel: 900 900 900
Material aluminium extrusion  
Standard Lengths (mm) 1800;2100;2400;3000;3600;4000;6000
For single track (soffit fixing) 3/900 3/900 3/900
Fix at 600 centres (maximum)      
Fit extra bracket where doors stack      
Endfold 902 901/919L 901/919H
Centrefold 902 901/919L 901/919H
For timber doors N/A 43/25 43/25
For aluminium doors 403A N/A N/A
Bottom Rollers:      
Endfold 922/P 923/P 919H
Centrefold 922/P 923/P 909H
Stack Away 922/S 923/S N/A
 Bottom rail: 915B (T-rail) brass extrusion
  915X (T-rail) aluminium extrusion
  917B (E-rail) brass extrusion 
  918B (E-rail) brass extrusion 
Standard Lengths:       
915B, 918B(mm)  1800;2100;2400;3000;3600;5000
915X (mm) 1800;2100;2400;3000;3600;4000;6000
Endfold Max 8 leaves to each side:
  1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8 combinations allowed
Centrefold Max 7½ leaves to each side
  1½;3½;5½ ;6½ ;7½ combinations allowed