Drakensberg Folding Door System 70-250kg

Top Hung Folding Door System


  • The Drakensberg folding system is a highly versatile commercial sliding door system
  • Ideally suited for timber, glass or aluminium this system compliments the modern arena of shop-fronts, offices & other stylish interiors
  • For applications where space is limited, folding systems keep doors out of the way when in the open position.
  • Drakensberg is the choice of gear for any site that requires high performance and an attractive finish
  • Drakensberg can be used both as endfold and centrefold partitions

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  • Door Specification
  • Gear Specification
  • Technical Drawings
For Individual Doors: Endfold Centrefold
Max door height (mm) 4500 4500
Max door weight 70-120kg 150-250kg
Max door width (mm) 1200 1200
Door thickness (mm) 40-100 (timber  or aluminium framed)
  10-12 (tempered glass)
Timber doors can be solid or glazed.
Metal doors can be of angle or box section.
Aluminium framed doors of a suitable profile.
Drakensberg is ideally suited for use with glass rail.
Track:  550  
Material aluminium extrusion
Standard Lengths (mm) 1500;2000;2500;3000;3500;4000;4500;6000
Removable Joint 550/RJ  
For single track (soffit fixing) 3/550S  
Jointing strip 551/80  
Fix at 900 centres (maximum)    
Hangers 1 per 2 doors: 70&150kg 125&250kg
Glass rail 556 556HD
Wood / Aluminium doors - concealed fixing 556/61 556/61HD
Wood / Aluminium doors - angle fixing  556/21 556/21HD
97mm glass rail hinge 403/97   
Timber hinge                                         43/25/ST/PB  
Glass Rail:    
97mm glass rail GR97  
end cap GR97/EC  
Endfold 21KR/94  
Centrefold 106R/94  
Glass rail AG104  
Channel: 94B brass extrusion
  94T aluminium extrusion
  94X aluminium extrusion
Standard Lengths:     
 94B (mm) 1800;2100;2400;3000;3600;5000
 94T, 94X (mm)  1800;2100;2400;3000;3600;4000;6000
Endfold Max 6 leaves to each side:
  1;2;3;4;5;6 combinations allowed
Centrefold Max 5½ leaves to each side
  1½;3½;5½ combinations