Ranger Folding Door Systems 35-80kg

Top Hung Folding Door System


  • Internal endfold and centrefold partition system
  • Suitable for residential or commercial folding partitions
  • Leaves can fold to one or both sides of the opening and can be stacked behind a reveal
    if required
  • To cover any width of opening, any number of folding units can be used
  • Partition room dividers for conference rooms, sports halls clubs and churches



  • Door Specification
  • Gear Specification
Track 290 301 301H 305
For Individual Doors:        
Max door height (mm) 2700 3300 3600 4500
Max door weight  35kg 55kg  70kg 80kg
Max thickness (mm) 35-44  44-57
Door door width (mm)                         900 for all systems      
Doors must be constructed with solid top and bottom rails and stiles for secure fixing of hanger hinges and guides
Leaves can be panelled , flush or glazed
Clearance between leaves to be 2mm minimum
Track:  290 301 301H            305
Material oil and pickled steel or galvanised steel
Standard Lengths (mm)   1800;2100;2400;3000;3600;4000;6000  
For single track (face fixing) 1/290S    1/301S       1/301S        1/305S
For single track (soffit fixing) 3/290S    3/301S       3/301S        3/305S
Brackets are galvanised steel        
Fix at 900mm centres (maximum).        
Fix additional bracket where folding doors stack      
Hangers 1 per 2  doors:        
Wood Doors - Endfold 2 Wheel 21K/S  21A/S 21A/S           21C/S
Wood Doors - Endfold 4 wheel 21K/4S 21A/4S 21A/4S         21C/4S
Wood Doors - Centrefold 2 wheel 61K/S 61A/S 61A/S           61C/S
Wood Doors - Centrefold 4 wheel 61K/4S 61A/4S 61A/4S         61C/4S
Pivot hanger and guide for first leaf                           21K/P 21A/P    21A/P    21C/P

Hangers are fitted with steel wheels on maintenance free sealed for life precision bearings. Vertical adjustment is simple and positive. All steel parts are zinc-plated.


Wood Doors - Endfold 21KR/94 21kR/94             21R/100 21R/100
Wood Doors - Centrefold 106R/94  106R/94          106R/100  106R/100
Channel: 94X aluminium    
  94B brass      
  100 galvanised steel    
Standard lengths:         
94B (mm) 1800;2100;2400;3000;3600;5000  
94X, 100 (mm) 1800;2100;2400;3000;3600;4000;6000
Endfold Max 8 leaves to each side:         
  1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8 combinations allowed
Centrefold Max 7½ leaves to each side:
  1½;3½;5½;7½ combinations allowed