Viewfold Folding Door System 70kg

Bottom Rolling Folding Door System


  • The Viewfold system is suitable for all domestic Aluminium door and window applications
  • Made from custom designed aluminium profiles
  • All components are stainless steel or of non corrosive materials
  • Endfolding weather resistant system
  • Effortlessly smooth sliding, the Viewfold bottom rolling system is ideal for applications where the lintel is not sufficient to carry the weight of the doors
  • A hard wearing powder coat finish available in a range of colours

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  • Door Specification
  • Gear Specification
For Individual Doors:  
Max door height (mm) 2700
Max door weight 70kg
Max door width (mm) 900
Door thickness (mm) 44
Aluminium glazed doors constructed from Clip 44 R1, R4, R5 WP profiles.
Glazing with 6.38 laminated or 5mm toughened glass.
Top Guide Channel: 94X  
Material aluminium extrusion
Standard Lengths (mm) 3500;4500;5500;6500
The Alufold system is fixed through outer frame into construction
  Sinkless Butt
Guides 1 per 2 doors: 773S 773
Hinges: 772S 772
Handle hinge 775S 775
Bottom Rollers 1 per 2 doors: 771S 771
Bottom Rail:  
E-rail aluminium extrusion 918X
E-rail brass extrusion 918
Standard Lengths:     
918X(mm) 1800;2400;3000;3600;6000
918(mm) 1800;2500;3000;3600;5000
SideJamb: 767(mm) 2250;3000;4500; 6000mm
Configurations: Max 7 leaves to each side:
  1;3;5;7 combinations allowed
Standard Finishes: Natural anodised; Bronze, Black, White, Silver Powder Coated